Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Experience the world of culinary arts and hospitality at the NEWTECH Skill Center.

Your learning starts right here, ‘hands on’ in our commercial kitchen, deli, restaurant, and endless catering opportunities.


As a culinary apprentice at the NEWTECH Skill Center, you’ll learn and perfect your skills from preparation though presentation such as:

French knife use

Cooking methods, (sauté, braise, roast, broil, etc.)                                                                         

Vegetable and starch cookery

Soup and sauce preparation                                                                                          

Meat, poultry, and seafood cooking

Pastry and dessert preparation

Bread baking

Garnishing and more

Cooking is often thought of as a hobby but now it’s a smart career decision. America’s love of fine dining has caused the Culinary Arts industry to be one of the fastest growing professions.

Career opportunities are almost unlimited and the need for trained and certified professionals has never been greater. After years of education and experience, a top professional chef can “write their own ticket” earning $60,000 – $100,000, and higher per year.

Whether your choice is a fancy resort, swanky country club, famous hotel, four star restaurants, or your neighborhood bistro, you can showcase the skills and talents that you’ll learn in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality program.

Prepare yourself for an exciting career while earning college credits and advanced placement standing at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, right here in Spokane.

For more information you can call:

(509) 354-7419

For more information you can visit the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Website